Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mr. thingy I presume?

Ya, well my first post hey. Like those intrepid explorers of a byegone age...dum dum dum. Lets Hope I have the discipline and actually post semi- regularly....I'm a bit of a lazy git.

Sitting in the labs at varsity checking out this Blog thing. Was supposed to go to lectures....blah.

Spoke to alex earlier.
His tales of interdepart-mental crazyness were amusing.
We started talking about D&D and the problems with the way people play the game. In my eyes there are two ways of looking at it:

1- A Game which altenates between the modes of Roleplaying and a boardgame/wargame. Which is cool if you get bored doing the same thing for too long. It tends to be a less formal approach (Think Beer and Pretzels.) but that really depends on the group of players.

2- Roleplayng is emphasized. While Possible I reckon this approach could find greener pastures elsewhere, since you have to ignore half the game.
(The battle board and the wargame-like rules.) The Players tend to be more "serious" in their approach.

Both have their merits, the trouble comes when players who favour one approach play with those of the other camp. Ya .... it gets messy.
The Dm should just lay down the law at the beginning of the campaign and make sure his players anderstand the way it will be played...Anyway.

Trying to get my 7th Sea Campaign going, hopefully in a week or so.
The party comprises of a bunch of degenerates and outcasts.

Seaward is playing a dandy with a taste for the lads. He wears pink silk. Tim is playing a nobleman who is on the run from the inquistion.
Conrad is playing a wenching, carousing lout of a ship's captian.
Adam is a ex-Nobleman who has been disowned by his family,wandering the world developing a strange fighting style using his twin dracheneisen gauntlets.

Still recovering from a couple of late nights the sleep dep from the weekend's LAN is still haunting me.

Played three games of DotA against Conrad yesterday. Got owned in all three games....sigh. I'm convinced the Universe is out to turn me into a finger puppet.(Ouch)

It would seem my life is pretty mundane at the moment.....nothing much to say.

Cheers Guys.


Blogger schpat said...

Hey welcome aboard. Don't forget to dust off your zombie costume for next friday night.


9:50 am  
Blogger moonflake said...

yay! Wheee! Sp0rk!

another convert to the claws blog community :)

i have told d@vid that he has to hit on tim's character during the game. It's just too funny. although i warned him not to hit on conrad's character... it is highly likely that conrad will grope d@vid's crotch in the interest of 'roleplaying it out'.

2:18 pm  
Blogger zenstar said...

mr thingy i presume ???
dude: put the mouse back in the house!

1:41 pm  

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