Thursday, November 17, 2005

Imminent Laxity 2: The return of the snooze.

I have been suuuch a lazy bitch lately. The last couple of days have been sleeping, reading and watching series on my Machine (Prison Break is the shit!). Aberat is shaping up to be quite a kewl book despite Clive barker's track record. It seems really fantstical and childlike (sometimes in a creepy way). iVE GOT MY GRUBBY PAWS ON SOME COOL MUSIC AND WILL HOPEFULLY BOUNCE BLISSFULLY (Damn Capslock.....) to it while I get my Portfolio updated. I'm thinking about the following themes. I'll try to do one of each.

Illustration themes
1- Horror - Zombies, Vampires, Cthuliod
2- Medieval Japanese - Geisha, Ninja, Samurai, Monks, etc.
3- Fantasy - I feel like something Foresty, like a creature or something.
4- Historic war - Like ...... A U- Boat full of eeeeevil nazi's.... maybe.
5- Steampunk - A cityscape or concept art of stuff, eg. like a automated carraige.

Oh yeah last weekend I played 14 and a half hours of Dota, It was sick. Dota is Ruining my life.
I watched "A History of violence." it was quite entertaining. The HtH combat was brutal and quick. None of the fancy crap that happens in hollywood. ( I f you step on someones neck...snap, crackle, pop. One Coffin coming right up.)
On a similar note I want a t- shirt that reads "I'm angry at the world." Then people might stop asking me stupid questions. If there is one thing that hacks me off these days, people that make statements without thinking about thier "golden nugget" of wisdom. Arrgh, considered thought seems a rarity these days............wait, this is turning into a rant. Abort. Ctr+ Alt + Del.
Ahh well. I have been chatting to mike and the Pratchett Larp (Discworld) seems to be his all consuming passion now and I'll be helpping with the props. (read making them from scratch.)
And I thought my Holidays were going to be blissful inactivity. I'm busier down here than in Cape Town, Sigh.

P.S. - I need to take up gym or martial arts again, revenge of the gut seems to just around the corner.

Chao Compadre's Till I write again.


Blogger schpat said...

Compadre's??? what are you now? Cuban??

seriously , enjoy the break, draw some cool shit, come back and abuse us, we all miss it

12:21 pm  
Blogger moonflake said...

ooh, roleplaying tonight. our first session without you since...well....before you joined.
seriously, have a great vac and we'll catch you on the flip side.

9:25 am  
Anonymous dystopia said...

DotA are t3h evil. We have a serious addiction in the office here, so much so that several people have gone cold turkey and the boss has laid down gaming rules.

4:43 pm  

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