Friday, December 30, 2005

The Unbearable likeness of being in PE.

Morning Sunshine.
Hopefully everybody had a good day. Hope Christmas was good.
This year it was like any other day except with better food. And presents. And a Glowing tree.
And Girls dressed as angels. Just like any other day in my house. Crazy fools.
I have run out of things to do in Pe. Actually about 2 weeks ago. Sigh. At least 2 weeks ago.
Only so many hours of the day can you be "creative". (read: keeping myself busy.)
Then being "creative" just plain sucks.
Watched Lord of War the Other day. It was awesome. I reccomend it. King kong was kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! Peter Jackson you suck. Nuff' said.
Narnia was quite entertaining. Never read the book so I do not know how close it was.
Didn't like azlan...he was arb. The main centaur and minotaur dudes were cool.
Tilda swanton did a good job (as always) in her white witch.
I have gotten to a stage where I can play a dota Ai against 4 computers and win.(ar)
Is that good? All I know is that Phantom assasin rocks. My atempts at illustration have.....lets just say been side stepped. I am only going to bother after I upgrade my machine.
A question to sync:
How does this look?
2x 200 gig SATA drives, 2 gig Ram, 3.8 processor. What graphics card shouldI get?
Thinking about Nvidia. 3800?

Ok back to the show.
I am probably looking at getting back in CT around the 19-20 of Jan. But I'll see how it goes.

P.s - My seventh sea game is cursed it seems. Adam left for Natal. And it seems tim is leaving soon as well. Anybody keen to join. (grinning manically.) No stress.

P.p.s- I just read Bast's 'landed gentry' + comments. Screw you Moonflake :) .

P.p.s- Damn those flings.....the little yellowy bastards are stuck between my teeth.

Lucifer. The most misunderstood of all the
ArchAngels, you're most like the ArchAngel of
Light. You've seen the darkside and have opted
for something better. You need better press,
though chances are no one will really
understand your motives.

Which ArchAngel are you most like?
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Blogger d@vid said...

whine whine whine, get drawing, dude :)

12:40 pm  
Blogger Synkronos said...

Specs look good. Obvious overkill in terms of storage and memory are obviously for art packages =) Since they are ridiculous.

I would go for a Raddy over an nVidia at the moment. Both will, however, do what you need them too.

Are you sure your mobo will support a 3.8 chip? What mobo are you running?

6:28 pm  
Blogger schpat said...

humping peoples legs are not misunderstood motives.

Now go write that on the previously diasadvantaged board 100 times.

7:46 am  
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